Rasam – The Booster Dose of your Mood

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Rasam – Traditional South Indian soup…

The word “Rasam” in Hindi means “Ritual”, so it becomes your ritual to try Rasam whenever you want to have south Indian food.

With so much of benefits, Rasam being the topper of our winter delicacy makes you feel cozy & healthy. It will get you some plethora of health benefits & satisfy your taste buds at the same time, so call it a Booster Dose of Mood.

We will be glad to serve you our winter specialty which is all time loved recipe from our precious customers. As it is not only a recipe but a soup containing rich essential vitamins such as Thiamine, Folic Acid, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, riboflavin & niacin. Due to its ability of being rich source of minerals & antioxidants, Rasam is considered to be one of the best diet health foods.

We hope that you step into our Restaurant outlets by following all the safety measures just like our team does it for you.

Rasam alone is capable enough to satisfy both your hunger and food craving. At the same time when it is served with some other delicacies like Dosa, Idli or even Uttapam, It adds that cherry on cake vibe to the south Indian cuisine preparation. Whenever you feel like getting the most out of a least quantity meal, Rasam is the way to go.

Rasam is always soothing and comforting to the stomach and in fact healthy since it is a digestive aid in many ways due to its ingredients.

While many people consider it just as a south Indian recipe, it can be eaten by combining it along with some north indian cuisine dishes like different parathas and rice preparations. Rasam never fails to give a tasty treat at your demand of healthy & delicious food.

From now, let’s not count it as a tasty recipe only. Get it on your plate whenever you visit nearest Sankalp Restaurant.

We promise not to compromise on your taste for sure. Our well prepared dishes are also waiting for you to make different combinations of Rasam and the other recipes.

So from next time, do not forget to complete the Rasam of tasting “Rasam” at Sankalp!

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