Whats Makes Sankalp Restaurant Different From Other South Indian Restaurants?

admin October 13, 2023 Articles

Have you ever wondered what sets Sankalp Restaurant apart from the myriad South Indian restaurants out there? Well, the answer might surprise you! Sankalp Restaurant has not only made a name for itself, but it has etched a prominent place…

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Why you should own a restaurant franchise with the Sankalp Group

admin August 13, 2022 Articles

"We strive to set benchmarks in various aspects of our businesses in Food, Hospitality, Hoteliering, and Real Estate,” asserts Dr. Kailash Goenka, Chairman & M.D. Sankalp Group.  Isn't this statement and confidence of our headship strong enough to ring the…

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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Consider an Indian Restaurant Franchise

admin July 13, 2022 Articles

The Indian food industry is thriving in the U.S, Canada, and globally, with Indians accounting for approximately 10% of the population in these countries. Not only are Indian restaurants leading the market in terms of numbers, but they’re also growing…

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Rasam – The Booster Dose of your Mood

admin January 17, 2022 Articles

Rasam - Traditional South Indian soup... The word “Rasam” in Hindi means “Ritual”, so it becomes your ritual to try Rasam whenever you want to have south Indian food. With so much of benefits, Rasam being the topper of our…

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